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Our team of professionals, based in Singapore is well-respected for providing a comprehensive advisory and respected business support services including company registration and incorporation servces for Singapore and Offshore companies. Our approach is to provide clients with complete solutions, whether it is incorporating a Singapore company or purchasing an Offshore Shelf Company. For foreign entepreneurs registering a Singapore Company, we may also provide nominee director services and other business support services.

Singapore Private Limited Company
A Singapore Private Limited Company is a major trading vehicle to take advantage of Singapore's low tax rate (18%) and its numerous tax treaties. The most common business entities registered in Singapore are:

  • Private Limited companies (under the Companies Act)
  • Exempt Private Limited companies (under the Companies Act)
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (under the LLP Act)
  • Sole proprietorships/Partnerships (under the Business Registration Act)
  • Gazetted Private Limited companies (under the Companies Act)

Singapore Business Registration
If you are intending to operate a sole proprietorship business in Singapore, you are required to register you business name under the Business Registration Act. The registration for firms such as proprietorships or partnerships are simpler compared to that of companies. You can go directly to ACRA office or check out their website at or contact us.

Offshore Company Incorporations
Offshore companies are ideal if you are doing business or trading in offshore jurisdictions and not in your country of residence. Singapore and Hong Kong are not typically regarded as your offshore tax haven countries but favorable tax regimes in these two countries make them attrative options for those who prefer to incorporate a company in a respectable jurisdiction.

Offshore shelf companies that are incorporated in Anguilla, Seychelles, Samoa or British Virgin Islands (BVI) are used for asset protection and wealth management. Also known as “tax haven” companies, offshore companies are synonymous with tax planning structures, offshore trading and offshore investments.

WHY YOU SHOULD INCORPORATE A SINGAPORE COMPANY if you are doing business internationally?

Advantages of Incorporating a Singapore Company
A properly structured Singapore Company (Pte Ltd/Private Limited) is an excellent, tax efficient corporate conduit, through which international business can be conducted.
How to Register a Singapore "Pte. Ltd." Company
The first step in incorporating a local company is to obtain approval and reserve the proposed name.

Names for all companies in Singapore must conform to certain guidelines laid down in the Companies Act.

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